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1min Ideas.! Easy and practical.! Use this idea for your photos.!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

As any other photographer your can run out of ideas and be in a point were ideas don't came to mind. Searching how other photographers take their photos could give you new ways to take photos, so here is one idea you can use for an easy and practical way to take your images to a next level.

First, what would you need?

You will need a projector, laptop, your camera and tripod, in my opinion a tripod is the most important part for taking photos as you can keep you camera and point of view in place while you move your model or object to be photographed around.

Have everything in place? Perfect.

Now let's start searching in Google patterns and images with interesting shapes and lines that you think will have a good impact in your photos. Another way to do it is creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator, I personally recommend this way as with vectors the changes of the image getting pixel will be lower when you try to project them in large scales.

Final Step.

After you have place your object in front of the light adjust the size of the projection and play.! Move the object back and forward, as the image and light projected will changed and adapted to the shape of the object creating distortion and movement in the patterns, search some pattern, project them to your object and play.!

Enjoy your next photoshoot.!

Here are some examples...

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